Adriele and Andreza in school

Thank you SO much for your prayers for Andreza and Adriele to get into the AGIR school reinforcement program! They’re in! Their approval took longer than we had initially been informed but since it’s also the middle of the school year in Recife it was quite exceptional that the girls did get in. Must have been those prayers!

Andreza and Adriele are already attending classes in the AGIR school Monday through Thursday mornings and will be eligible to participate in extra-curricular sports and artistic activities offered by the school on Fridays.

School Reinforcement Program

Adriele, Fabrício (cousin), Roseane (mom) and Andreza on the girl’s second day in school.

One of the unique blessings of this school program is that, if the girls remain in school and graduate in this program they will be eligible for college preparatory courses to help them get into public universities here. If they are not able to pass after two rounds of college entrance exams they will be eligible for funding to enter a private university, something their mom could never dream of achieving for them. But the Lord has different dreams, doesn’t he?

Please continue to pray for mom Roseane. She has a lot of challenges ahead of her. She just found out this week that her second youngest son Danilo, who’s 13, has been skipping school. This means that besides the risk to his further education she also risks losing valuable government funding that is important for their family support. She’s also facing a court battle over one of the girls being caught by local authorities working on the street selling water.

It’s good that local authorities are cracking down on child labor, but at the same time it’s a very difficult situation for single mothers like Roseane whose only source of income often has to be augmented by her children’s help. One of our goals for the families we help is not only to provide a better education for their children, but vocational training and stable income sources for single moms like Roseane. Pray we can find the resources and the right path to reach that goal as well. Thanks so much for your prayers for Roseane, Adriele, Andreza, and their extended family.

On a personal note I’d like to ask for prayers for my mom, Pauline Downing. Mom will be 90 this October. Thank the Lord her greatest health issue is Alzheimers and that’s being managed well. But, I’d like to ask for continued prayers for her and my brother Andy who takes care of her. Our friend Craig Cooper’s mom went to be with the Lord last week and she was just a few years older than mom. So, appreciate your prayers for Craig and his family and for mom and Andy.


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