Interview-with-Andre-Part-2-Thumbnail Interview with André Part 1 Dennis teaching at Christland Alexandre-Jose-Joana-featured A Christmas Banquet Luke 13:18-19 Jesus-in-the-Streets-Thanksgiving-thumbnail-video 955A1331-Den-&-Sapo-Derby-Xmas-Instagram-04 jesus-in-the-streets-team-img_3329 Soraia and Vitória NBC News Report from the Recife Street Church Two men, a pastor and a sinner, went into a church to pray. You'll never believe what happened next... This week's devotional winners: (L to R) João Angelo, Diego, Marlon, and Rodolfo 1 Timothy 6:9 John 8:12 Edson at Christland Derby-Church-thumbnail Recife Demonstration 01 1-Tim-2_1-4-Pray-for-Brazil-Flag1-e1439568160436 Cristolandia_0726 Anderson-&-Prazeres_0701-02 Sandra teaching our Derby kids. School Reinforcement Program The road to the Christland Center for Christian Transformation Andreza-Drawing-IMG_3613-02 Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.52.28 AM Stenio-Baptism-Tryptich-low Sharing the blessings Stenio at his new job Corey and Raul at Cristolandia Stenio & Soraia at their new home Soria & Stenio leaving the halfway house Getting ready to wash Saulo's feet