This week in Christland

Bible study at Christland (Paudalho)

My Monday Bible study with the men at Christland (Paudalho)

Thank you SO much for your prayers for Christland. Please continue to lift up this ministry of recovery for men and women caught up in chemical dependency. Over the years we’ve worked with a number of state, NGO, and religious organizations providing shelter and rehabilitation. Christland is by far the most Christ centered, and I believe for that very reason the most effective.

As an organization they have two very special needs right now. First, Christland has been struggling for over six months to find another location for their “base” in downtown Recife. This is where they open their doors to men and women seeking help or just a hot meal and a change of clothing. There the homeless and chemically dependent can participate in a daily worship service, get a hot meal, a change of clothes and a shower, prayers, and guidance toward freedom from dependency. Those who are really seeking recovery can spend a few nights at the downtown base, then move on to the long term facility in Paudalho which is where today’s photos were taken.

The two challenges to finding a location in downtown Recife are cost and property owners willing to let their house or building be used for a center to receive the homeless and chemically dependent. As you can imagine not everybody is eager to do that. And rents are not cheap in downtown Recife.

So, please pray for the Lord to provide a new property in downtown Recife, and pray also for a women’s shelter like the one in Paudalho. The men’s shelter runs pretty much at capacity with 40-50 men on average but we desperately need a women’s shelter. I frequently have women asking for help to get into a shelter and at this time there isn’t a Christian recovery center for women with any openings. Besides funding and the right property, Christland also needs women staff members which is a big challenge in this kind of ministry.

Daily devotional giveaway winners

Tiago, Ítalo, and Alan, this week’s winners of our daily devotional giveaway.

In your prayers please remember Tiago (James). He’s one of our Derby friends. Several months back he entered Christland but couldn’t stay with the program and left. Then, this week when I was there I was thrilled to see him in my class. Tiago is back and trying again. And, he was one of the winners of our daily devotional giveaway! Pray Tiago can stay the course this time.

Edson with cornfield.

Edson in front of the garden the men maintain at Christland. God’s country, God’s children.

Please continue to pray also for Edson. He told me Monday he’s been there for 3 months and 5 days, but has really been struggling with his addiction. It comes in waves. With time, the longer you stay clean the easier it gets. But it can take a long time before you get there. Please pray Edson will stay the course. He’s looking so good, healthy, strong, happy. Pray for perseverance for Edson. And thanks so much for all your prayers for God’s precious sons and daughters seeking the Light in Recife.


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