Make a Miracle in My Life

One of the favorite hymns our homeless friends like to sing in our church in Derby Park is “Como Zaqueu” (Like Zaccheaus). The lyrics are simple but powerful. Especially if you’ve been so far down that the only direction you can see is up.

“Like Zacchaeus I want to climb up as high as I can
Just to see you and look at you

and to get your attention, to look at me
I need you Lord, I need you Father

Iʼm so small. Give me your peace.
I give up everything to follow you.

Come into my home, come into my life.
Rearrange everything, heal all my wounds.

Teach me to be holy, I want to love only you
Because you are my greatest treasure.
Work a miracle in me…”
(Lyrics by Regis Danese)

The day André returned to Derby Park to give his testimony was powerful. Having lived on the street, been addicted to drugs, having come to hear the Good News in that same little church in the park, for André it was a miracle moment.

André had talked of his dream of bringing his daughters to Derby to see where it all began for him, and he saw that day too.

Ester, Ruth, Luciana, André, and Isabela in the Derby Park church

I don’t know how far you have come in your walk with Christ in the last five years. But I have a profound respect and admiration for the men and women who are able to come out of the darkness of addiction, the utter despair of having lost or thrown away everything that mattered, and to make it back to the Light, just trusting in the One who calls them to get up each day and take another step forward…

This video of André’s testimony on his return to the church in Derby Park is only three and a half minutes long. Please watch it. I think you’ll be glad you did. And please keep André and Luciana in your prayers. The enemy doesn’t give up easily.

André's Testimony in the Derby Park Church

Thanks for watching. Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for caring.

Whenever you can - help.

Grace and peace,


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