Ongoing Leadership Training

Dear Praying Friends,
Week before last we concluded our second online International Leadership Institute (ILI) leadership training seminar via Zoom. This time, along with teachers we averaged 30 participants each day, with 23 students completing the course and another five repeating in preparation to collaborate in future courses with their local leaders.

We had leaders from the states of Pernambuco, Paraíba and Rio de Janeiro. Lord willing in our next seminar, possibly in August we hope to begin reaching a group of Brazilian leaders in different parts of Europe!

One of the things I appreciate about the ILI is its emphasis on multiplication and the way they make resources (digital books and manuals, PowerPoint presentations, videos etc.) available for alumni to go on teaching the course to others. We also have meetings every other week with the ILI’s US leadership and other English speaking leaders from around the world, as well as a similar meeting with leaders from Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique and other Portuguese language countries.

Recife to Rio ILI Leadership Training Seminar

Recife to Rio ILI Leadership Training Seminar with Mike Oakes

At our last seminar we were blessed with a visit from Mike Oakes who shared a devotional and prayed for our group. Mike has been a steady supporter of ILI’s leadership equipping initiatives and I’m so thankful he persuaded me to go to my first ILI seminar back in 2014. There are a lot of things we can’t do during the restrictions imposed by this pandemic, but there is a lot we CAN do if we are open to the opportunities the Lord sets before us.

Thanks so much for all you prayers for our ministry. We continue to channel aid to organizations like Christland, Igreja na Rua, and partner churches which distribute both hot meals to the homeless and grocery bags to the needy living in favelas in Recife.

Rua do Bom Jesus - Recife

Rua do Bom Jesus – Recife

Just a short local note of interest. The Rua do Bom Jesus (Good Jesus Street) appeared in third place on a list of the 31 most beautiful streets in the world put out by Architectural Digest. Check out the article.

Many aren’t aware, but there is a synagogue located on this street which was the first in the Americas, and from that synagogue the first group of Jewish immigrants moved to what at the time was New Amsterdam, and founded the first synagogue in North America in what would later come to be known as New York City. All from little old Recife!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!


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