A Street Christmas 2020

What a year 2020 has been, right? With all the pandemic restrictions and quarantines we had to suspend our Sunday worship services in Derby Park and a lot of our help to the homeless. Our partner organization Christland continued serving meals to the homeless and providing recovery services for the chemically dependent, but they too were frustrated by the limitations.

I really missed interaction and contact with our friends on the street. Because of all the difficulties we were facing I started looking for other ways we could help. And the Lord led us to “Church in the Street” (Igreja na Rua), a ministry that provides meals twice a week to the needy and homeless on the streets of downtown Recife. We already reported on this ministry of mercy in our “Blessed are the Feet” post.

Because of the restrictions still in place for our gatherings in the park, we couldn’t host anything like our Christmas banquet from three years back, or even our Christmas Service last year.

But, through our partnership with “Church in the Street” we helped them host their “Christmas in the Street” banquet, complete with presents for the children and a warm meal for everyone.

I love their name “Church in the Street”. I really think that’s where Jesus wants his church, where the people are, where the needs are, where He could always be found and still wants to be found as He walks among us today.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. A lot of sad and scary things went down in 2020. But there were also a lot of incredible ways Jesus made His presence known among us. Thank you for helping others to see Him, to know Him, and to know His love for them.

Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you dear friends of His!

A Street Church Christmas


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