Prayers for Brazil 2015/08/19

Thanks so much for your prayers for Brazil! The demonstrations on Sunday in more than 200 cities nationwide were expressive but peaceful. While “official” numbers indicated a little over 800,000 participated in the demonstrations, the organizers (and this time I tend to trust their numbers more) claim at least a million and a half people participated. Either way it was a healthy sign that a number of Brazilians are still willing to show their refusal to accept the continued corruption that has robbed this great nation of so much.

Recife Demonstration 01

Demonstrators on Avenida Boa Viagem in Recife on Sunday (16/08/15)

Please continue to pray the public will not lose heart and momentum. Brazilians deserve a better country and a better government. Please pray specifically for the ongoing investigations into corruption and political abuse of power. Pray also for the economic situation in Brazil. Just in Recife the number of people being laid off from work is climbing into the tens of thousands with no end in site. Stores are closing, bills are rising, and the stagnation coupled with the rising cost of living is hurting a lot of people, especially the middle and lower classes.

Here is a link to a recent article in the Guardian. The demonstrations it refers to were back in March, but the text of the article does a good job of laying out what’s going on, why, and where this could lead.

Brazil elite profit from $3bn Petrobras scandal as laid-off workers pay the price

Thanks again so much for all your prayers for Brazil. Please keep praying!


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