Jesus in the Streets News 12-9-15

I just realized I hadn’t shared one of our best videos of the Jesus in the Streets ministry. In the summer of 2014 Corey Robinson and Raul Membreño stayed with us in Recife and helped with our Street Ministry and work with the chemically dependent in the Christland project. The guys served alongside our team in worship, food distribution, hospital visitation and even took time to teach the Brazilian men in the Christland recovery center how to play American football.

The video will give you an idea of our day to day in the ministry (except for the beach part at the end – we don’t see as much of that as we ought to). And thanks to Corey and Raul for letting us show a little of our ministry through their lives.

And don’t miss Corey acing a soccer goal at Christland:

If you or someone you know would like to spend a few days or a few months with our Jesus in the Streets Ministry and the church in São Lourenço please let us know. We’ve had interns and volunteers stay from a few weeks like Corey and Raul to over a year like our sweet sisters Alisha, Kasey, and Annika who worked both with the church in São Lourenço and our Street Ministry. You can check out more videos of the Street Ministry and the church in São Lourenço at our YouTube Channel.

In closing we need to ask special prayers for Brazil. The Brazilian House of Representatives accepted a petition for impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff. This storm has been brewing for some time but it’s finally hit. The repercussions for Brazil socially and economically are serious. Unemployment has increased dramatically and social unrest is growing. Please keep the nation of Brazil in your prayers. Pray the Lord will empower the righteous and remove from power those who have abused their position and power.

Please continue to pray for the poor and homeless. The government has been quietly cutting funding to a number of social assistance programs which directly impact the most needy. We are increasing our assistance with food baskets and other forms of help, but the need is growing dramatically. Thanks so much for your prayers and may God repay you richly!


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