Prayers for Edson

Edson, a very special young man was the first one reached by our Jesus in the Streets ministry over ten years ago. He had been homeless for about seven years at that time, with all the craziness and dependency that comes with life on the streets of Recife.

Edson at Christland

Edson at Christland

By God’s grace Edson not only got off the street but with the help of a sister from the Boa Vista church he got a job, rented a room and for a number of years lived a “normal” life and was very active in the Boa Vista church and our Jesus in the Streets ministry. Then, he got involved with a lady who wasn’t a good influence, lost his job, and fell on hard times. Worst of all, Edson drifted further and further away from Christ. Eventually he lost everything and wound up back on the street, with all its darkness.

Three years passed. We prayed for Edson. You prayed for Edson. He showed up from time to time, told us how much he wanted to return to Jesus, to get on The Way but he just couldn’t break free. Eventually, the Lord got through to him and he entered the Christland center for Christian transformation. He was in the program for eight months. He should have stayed at least another four months, but the enemy never sleeps. Because of some hard hardheadedness, which he readily admits was his own fault, he opted out of the program.

Edson is now living with an aunt who’s a believer. He’s back working with me following up on food and clothing distribution with our ministry. Please pray we can find Edson a job soon and a clear path forward. We would have preferred he stay in Christland and finish the transformation they were bringing about in his life, as well as getting some marketable job skills. But, he’s a lot better than now when he went in. Christland did a lot for him and he has a strong desire to walk with the Lord and stay out of the darkness. Our philosophy is to take people where they are and do everything we can to move forward in Jesus’ path. Pray Edson can find that Path and that we can be faithful to our calling to help him along the way.

Here’s a short interview with Edson that shows how grateful he is for the help Christland has given him. I have more interviews and portraits from several of the other men. Lord willing we’ll have more to share soon. Thanks for your prayers!