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Victories: The Good News the Lord has revealed to us among the needy and those in Satan’s grasp.

Online ILI Seminar

Leadership Training During Covid Quarantine

Thanks so much for your prayers! We had 21 students from Recife and the greater metropolitan area and even a group of five from Rio de Janeiro for our first online leadership training seminar! As I’ve mentioned before the International Leadership Institute (ILI) equips and trains leaders in their eight core values of Intimacy With […]

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2019 Christland ILI Graduates

When It All Comes Together

My three main areas of ministry are helping the poor, homeless, and chemically dependent, maintaining three Portuguese language Christian websites, and training and equipping leaders, a lot of which I do through International Leadership Institute seminars. What really fires me up is when I can integrate all three of these areas of ministry. Over the […]

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